June 28, 2018

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Meeting URL https://bluejeans.com/149766532

Meeting ID 149 766 532

US toll free phone 1.888.240.2560

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  1. Overview of timeline for PREX readiness link
  2. GEANT4 simulation update -Eric K []
  3. GEANT3 simulation update -Bill H [1]
  4. Magnet and Kerr update -Simona M., Jinlong Z. []

Minutes Went over summary of tasks to be completed for PREX. Comments by Simona and Sasha that Roman should be added to DAQ expert.

Bill continues work on G3 optical transport. It appears that turning Q1 off works fine and we will work on a Q2 and Q4 only optics solution. Working on implementing TOSCA maps. Sasha will provide maps at 1.1 GeV and 2.2 GeV and we will see if they are linearly scalable.

Eric showed results of adding scaled TOSCA map to G4. All tracks mysteriously bent in same direction in quads. Need to understand this. Added phlange prior to dipole and removed a lot of junk from detector hitmaps. Will be in contact with Bill to ensure all G3 geometry and G4 match up.

Attendees: Don, Simona, Bill, Kent, Sanghwa, Eric, Richard, Paul, Sasha, Jim,