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  • Subsystems update
    • HCal
      • Jiwan working with detector, cosmics and LED, detector looks good, new wiki for HCAL
      • Fast FADC configuration, to be tested, need to modify analysis
      • side band still needs to be investigated
    • Hodoscope
      • HV scans with FADC
      • everything looks ok
      • HV crate update : waiting for the box to ship the new crate, old board should work in new crate, old crate might have radiation
    • Beamline
      • hardware working on improving uniformity of raster, reasonable shape but could do better
      • want to do unser calibration , takes about 1 hour
      • will use DAQ 10 AM EST for about one
      • split for parity feedback - do we want to do unser calibration after the split ?
    • Parity/helicity
      • cables run next to the BCM and already plug on other side, will coordinate with David ( unser 4 KHz/uA as expected ) , can pull down by about 1%
      • plan to run 30 Hz 500 us for GEn
      • might be delayed for Hall B
      • calibration of sign of asymmetry ? (Bogdan) - Usually come from Moller
      • detector asymmetries ? event tagged with helicity
    • GEM
      • hardware work, SBS GEM frame on , need few more weeks before install, installation network and fibers ~ 2 weeks
      • Bigbite GEM : new parallel HV installed, working, Sean will take cosmics, Nilanga coordinating EPICS controls for the new HV
      • started put SBS crate on network, 2 VTP booted and 2 CPU, one device did not pick up correct IP address, still need to plug fiber for VTP
      • eel124gemdaq will be installed in the hall so DAQ can be run
      • Bryan putting together SBS and BB libraries together, programs for goal post and fish plots, can now be done from the VTP , information on wiki, working on resolving the differences between readout list
    • Shower
      • trigger working and set for cosmics data
      • can modify and read threshold for bbcal high, need to implement for bbcal low, unplugged discrminator and given to Armen to modify to be able
      • 14-2 PMT behaving weirdly, might replace the base, very unstable - same HV peak was 20 mV but week ago 80 mV now high unexplained difference
      • check if PMT itself or electronic chain, check electronics and HV first
      • magnetic field : measure with Hall probe and measure - look at GMn
      • VTP trigger for shower
  • Update spreadsheet Dillon