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Nominal Settings

  • When starting a shift, it is prudent to verify that the magnets are set correctly. If it's not right, consult the RC. Currents should be within about 0.5 A of the values. Also, note that "readback" values are slightly different from "set point" values.
  • The LHRS dipole NMR doesn't lock. Need to set manually to match the field value (iterative procedure, see the instruction below)
  • Below are set points. Readbacks will be a bit lower.

Setting the LHRS Magnets

If one can not reset the magnet remotely: Do NOT go into the hall to reset by yourself. Contact RC and then tech on-call/magnet expert. Regulators for Q1, Q2, Q3 are always OFF. Q1, Q2, Q3 magnets will be set by current.

0. Clear all faults (if there are still problems with flows or liquid levels there is no point ramping back up to crash again).


  1. Regulator OFF
  2. Set the current to 744.0 followed by the procedure
  3. Wait until the field is stable (watch the strip chart). Check that the Hall probe matches the target value (XYZ ± XYZ) when it is stable
  4. Adjust the current if they do not match. Repeat step 3.

If the dipole turns off, to turn it back on:

  1. Zero
  2. Reset
  3. On
  4. Type in the desired current and hit enter

LHRS Dipole


Checking and Controlling Drifts

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