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09/16/2015 W Jefferson Lab Test Lab

All PMTs are arranged properly. Using number 9 port on the “silver” box, with bias voltage +1000V. Dark count signal indicates a voltage amplitude around 10mV. Thus all PMTs are working fine.

PMT layout

09/20/2015 Sunday Home

Prototype Cherenkov mirror With +/-3 degree error bar for incident angle, the minimal width of the mirror (130cm curvature) is (1.62+1.72) = 3.34 inches. Thus my suggest mirror width is 6 inches.


09/22/2015 Tuesday W&M

Finalized the design of concave mirror with its framing for prototype Cherenkov detector. Curvature radius: 130cm.

09/23/2015 W Jefferson Lab Test Lab

Opened prototype detector, connected power cables for DAQ and framed the power boxes.