MAG Meeting, October 24, 2016 12:00pm EST

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Last meeting: Wednesday, October 19, 2016 2:00pm EST


  • Setup and Welcome (Juliette)
  • Overview (KK) pdf
  • Spectrometer Update (Juliette) pdf
  • Engineering Update (Jim, Ernie, Jason, Chris) pdf
  • Discussion



External Advisors: Steve, Vladimir, Jay, Dieter,

Internal Advisors: Javier, Robin, Kent, Stanley,

Spectrometer Group: Juliette, KK, Tyler, Ernie, Jason, Jim, Seamus

  • Setup and Welcome
  • Overview (KK)
  • Spectrometer Update (Juliette)
    • Roger - 100 W still is a large dose - need to check
    • Vladimir - can mitigate Bz spikes with ferromagnets
    • Kent - optics changes because of changes in position along beamline, not stray fields
    • Jay - pivot check that it is less than ~10 G, also look at G4.10.2 paper on Arxiv about e- scattering
    • Robin - need to show that hybrid mitigates risk more than segmented
  • larger conductor (Ernie)
    • Robyn - full ANSYS with deflections
    • Vladimir - shrinkage of coils; shear stress on epoxy (different power supplies)
    • Dieter - shrinkage probably not an issue
    • Jay - power supply specifications, take care of helicity timescale fluctuations
    • Roger - shouldn't hurt you (720 Hz line noise) magnet inductance will take care of this
    • Jay - Pastor/Martin in Hall B have full ANSYS
  • vacuum chamber (Jim)
    • buckling of vacuum chamber not an issue (~several times safety factor)
    • need to model manufacturing defects
    • also reversing chamber and having everything attached to bottom will be investigated
  • Discussion - Timeline
    • Collaboration Meeting November 11-12, 2016
    • MIT produce update (drawings and numbers for larger conductor) end of November
    • Receive feedback from committee in early December
    • Director's Review December 15-16, 2016
    • another teleconference in early March 2017 on manufacturing the prototype
    • another teleconference several months in advance of CD1 review, present results of prototype testing
    • Hopeful for CD1 review in summer 2017

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