MOLLER Pion Background Meeting Tuesday, September 26, 2017 4:00pm EST

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Meeting Information

BlueJeans Call Information


Phone Number: 1-888-240-2560

Meeting ID: 624029893


  • Director's Review Questions (Completed by end of summer 2017):
    • Summer just about complete, new deadline?
      • mu+ + mu- background?
      • beam dump back scattering background?
  • Wouter: General simulation updates.
  • Scott: Lead wall thickness determination.
  • Nevin: Pion Calorimeter Studies
  • Any new business?


Attendees: David, Wouter, Dustin, Seamus, Kurtis, Neven, Scott

Not Attending: KK

Scribe: Kurtis

  • Neven provided an initial pass at some early pion simulations using his FLUKA simulation. Missing some electromagnetic process, such as moller scattering etc.
  • Looking towards the director's review questions.
    • Cip has a version of the Hall A beam dump on his personal github page for PREX. We might be able to merge his beam dump geometry into the global hall geometry that Rakitha has already implemented. Seamus, mentioned that the steel plate that Cip has implemented needs to be removed before it can be used for 11 GeV MOLLER simulations.
    • Probably need to speak with the Hall A engineers to get "as built" geometry of the dump area. Speak with Robin about where to get this information.
    • After it is implemented, need to look at the back-scatter flux.
    • No progress on the mu+ + mu- generator. Wouter indicates that the simulation needs to be cleaned up before this new functionality can be included.
    • David indicates that we really need to identify the acceptance of the mu+ + mu- events.
  • Dustin has passed on physical information in regards to the showermax to Cameron for the CAD. Need a better model in the simulation.
    • Showermax overlap (rectangular quartz) causes doubled radiation length of material. Can't progress with pion detector development until showermax detector gets worked out. Really would like a uniform radiation length of material in the showermax detector. Edge effects causes problems for the pions detectors located behind the showermax.
    • 29 meters between target center and up-stream face of showermax detector.