MOLLER Pion Background Meeting Wednesday, January 11, 2017 3:00pm EST

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Previous Meeting: MOLLER_Pion_Background_Meeting_Wednesday,_November_30,_2016_3:00pm_EST

Meeting Information

BlueJeans Call Information


Phone Number: 1-888-240-2560

Meeting ID: 624029893


  • Wouter: Detector concept in simulation
  • Scott: Implementation of lead wall and strawman pion detector.
    • Separate pion development branch
    • Initial detector prototype.
  • Jacob: Starting to work on pion simulations.
  • David: present detector concept.
  • Any new business?


Attendees: Kurtis, Wouter, Seamus

Not Attending: KK(traveling),

Scribe: Kurtis

  • Director's Review - Pion Detector Comments Review
    • Do we really need to include a separate generator for mu+mu- generation?
      • Maybe, depends on our true needs. Could approach it in a similar method to the Hall D generator.
      • Rakitha might already have the data in his older radiation studies.
    • Wouter: Should also merge Rakitha's shielding into the master then into the pion branch.
      • Seamus: Should consolidate the different unused branches back into master.
      • Wouter: Could split the geometry into a separate repo from the simulation.
    • Seamus: Maybe we should get rid of GDML and move to hard-coded geometry instead?
      • Wouter: Why, do you want to move to that?
      • Seamus: Having volume structure problems.
      • Wouter: Qweak, does that and it causes many many problems.
      • Rates and luminosities tend to cause problems in the hard-coded method.
      • Wouter: Important to keep geometry separate so that it can be moved to other frameworks.
    • Upcoming simulation priorites
      • Lead wall thickness, pion detector geometry studies
      • Photo tracking in the pion detectors. Wouter will check on the status.
      • Port over the shielding to the main branch.
      • Ask Rakitha about which is the most recent shielding branch.