MOLLER Simulations

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GEANT4 Simulations



Simulation Teleconferences

The Simulation group is led by Juliette Mammei, University of Manitoba and Dustin McNulty, Idaho State University. The group will meet regularly to discuss the progress of the MOLLER simulations.



  • Ongoing improvements to moller_sim (used to generate physics results for proposal)
    • improving generators (Dustin)
    • improved energy loss (multiple scattering) (Seamus)
    • geometry specification (Juliette and others) - ONGOING as people start working on subsystems
    • batch submission (Juliette)
    • additional generators (pion production, including rare weak decays) (Konrad Aniol)
    • secondary tracking (Juliette)
      • changes to the tree
      • improvements to the messenger
    • GDML geometry read-in (Juliette) - DONE
    • materials definitions hard-coded (Juliette) - DONE, but could be improved)
    • surface properties using GDML
    • target messenger improvements

  • Development of molgemc (using GEMC, developed in Hall B and used by CLAS)
    • external generators (Dustin)
    • read-in of two field maps (Juliette)
    • hit processing
    • output (EVIO->Root?)
    • set up mysql database, add to svn, documentation


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