Make sure laser flipping is on

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The script that cycles the Compton laser lock on and off should be run from the vncserver on compton-old (compton-old:005). I typically run it in a terminal from the bottom left workspace.

The script is located in:


And should be run as follows:

cavity_C_gaskell flip <bcm_threshold> <time_off> <time_on> <power_threshold>

Flags: [1] "flip" means cycle the laser on and off. [2] bcm_threshold: minimum beam current for script to execute [3] time_off: time for laser off period in seconds [4] time_on: time for laser on in seconds [5] power_threshold: cavity power threshold above which the time_on counter begins

I typically run the script as follows:

cavity_C_gaskell flip -1 30 90 100