Mar 11, 2018

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Simona reported that beam studies were cancelled today so Yves was not able to do his test to verify the alignment model. It also looks like the two day shifts from our PQB allotment next Monday and Tuesday are tentatively being scheduled for beam recovery and beam studies. We will see if we can retain the remaining 4 shifts. Simona had an appointment to discuss our commissioning plan with MCC tomorrow afternoon.

Roman reported that periodic (every 30 s) reading of the BPMs has been added to the datastream for the Moller DAQ. Yay! Don requested adding BCM(s) as well.

Eric reported on confusing results of Levchuk studies from G4. There is not great agreement between G3 and G4 on the Levchuk correction but since they are actually calculated differently we need to be careful that we are comparing apples to apples. Dave G. suggested that we only compare Azz*Ptarg which should be the same for both.

Bill finished simulating the commissioning scans at the new beam energy. He also showed simulated our sensitivity/uncertainty on parameters like beam offsets, multiple scattering and aperture opening size. He took a look at old data to see if our recent improvements in geometry for the simulation did a better job correcting old data sets. While we would naively expect a constant polarization after correction over different quad settings, this does not appear to be the case for an older Q2 scan. He suggests that we really need a Q2 scan to help get to the bottom of this and provided his Q2 only solution quad scan as a way to do this.