Mar 4, 2019

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  • Status update and commissioning proposal --Simona
  • Simulation update -- Eric

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US toll free phone 1.888.240.2560

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Simona presented a new run plan that includes 4 shifts. Two shifts for setting up, getting thresholds set, finding target centers and finding/verifying target foil normal angle. Two further shifts would then be available for quad scans. Don will follow up on details/priorities for quad scans. Simona also presented results from Yves' alignment plan that showed the magnet is fairly well aligned in pitch and yaw but is offset in x and y at the tenths of mm level. A further test is scheduled during next week's beam studies to further verify these numbers.

Eric showed the changes that come with the new geometry leave us with a CREX optics setup where acceptance is partially defined by the exit of the dipole. Further studies are required to see how sensitive we are to knowing the size and location of this aperture.

Bill showed us a table of uncertainties that will impact our polarization determination. He and Eric will work on finding values for the using simulation to determine our sensitivity over the next few weeks.