May 21st 2021

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  • Updates
    • HCAL
      • HCal is ready to move and enpcamsonne is set up in Scott's office
      • Jesse did walktrhough : approved moved
    • Bigbite shower
      • fully decabled
      • Two baskets in front of rolling door needs to go
      • ethernet cables left
      • hodoscope cables
      • GRINCH and hodo have access
      • tedbbdaq : will be moved to Holly's office for now
      • Jessee did walkthrough too, has determined order will move HCAL first,

BB weldment, Cables basket, GRINCH electronics rack , BB front end electronic , BB detector stack last

      • time for move on Monday - have responsible of susbsystem around for move
    • Bigbite hodoscope
      • all cables disconnected from frame and patch panels, in basket, still finishing cleaning up remaining cables
    • GRINCH
      • Fully decabled
      • TDC cables disconnected
      • door closed
      • ADC cables in basket
    • LHRS
      • To do list in HALOG
      • need 2 to 4 ADC, will check with Brad for the one we borrowed
    • CDet
      • will discuss with engineering for mounting during Gep
      • new undergraduate : will work remotely, 1 on CDet
      • no DAQ work but doing HV test so still using VME crate, will wrap up Friday
    • GEM UVA
      • In last week, we finished shielding for the bigbite layer. Tested with high voltage. And now we are installing it to bigbite.
    • Helicity
      • working on injector test, running on adaq3 for now ( might dedicate for 2.6.2 for now in apar)
      • working on getting helicity on intel
  • DAQ computer status
    • presentation by Ole
    • latest Dell server about 35 K$
  • Counting
    • analysis in a-onl account
    • DAQ displays and scripts in adaq account
    • sbs-onl account will be ported from TEDF
    • LHRS is using adev account
  • FARM use and MSS
    • have sbs group and work disk
    • need to get scripts to launch jobs on farm for running
    • people should also install analysis on farm for running
    • need more disk work space ? work and volatile - need to check what - sbs has 10 TB quota on volatile, work 1 TB ( almost ) - raw files should go on volatile ! Need to evaluate what we need
    • cache is different quota so should be ok for CODA files ( pin quota 40 TB on cache, Hall D has 800 TB )