May 22nd 2023

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  • HCal TOF and F1 issue discussion and plans
    • Timewalk correction : two parameters to produce t_c for corrected time
    • working on calibration documentation : one entry in Redmine
    • looking at adding TOF to SBS offline : sounds better to have a dedicated TOF module
    • have standalone scripts to apply timewalk off line
    • still about 1.5 ns timing for TDC time and 2 to 3 ns with FADC
    • try better fit with FADC
    • RF time : tdc trig 5th - 1 D histogram ? 2D plots RF time vs time of one single HCAL module - RF prescale about 40 - for elastic event -
    • RF timing in TDC input had a bit instability - need to check
    • Missing TDC updates for high amplitude
  • HCAL TI : some TI might need hardware fix when using port 5 for fiber measurement, might need to give HCAL TIs to William