May 24, 2018

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Connection details:

Meeting URL

Meeting ID 149 766 532

US toll free phone 1.888.240.2560

Dial in, type in the meeting ID and then press ##


  1. GEANT4 simulation update -Eric K Quick update on G4 MolPol simulation by Eric King - slides Google-Slides-Share-Link
  2. GEANT3 simulation update -Bill H elog:31


  1. We've forgotten to include Simona on our meeting announcements.
  2. Bill on G3 simulation
    • Last week dipole field was fixed (at 3kG) and holding field was being varied.
    • This week showed 2.2 GeV optics solution correctly varying the dipole field. Has workable solution.
    • Optimum is _probably_ where the coincidence rate is maximized.
    • Can't yet figure out how to find where particles are lost.
    • Next step: go through the same process to optimize for 1.1 GeV beam energy.
    • After that: can compare sensitivities to magnet settings, levchuk, beam position... both for rate and analyzing power.
  3. Eric on G4 Simulation
    • Target radiative correction seems sensible. An easier plot to understand would be a "moller missing mass" plot, will show this next time.
    • Weights seem more sensible. They should represent absolute rates (all factors should be included already) but this still requires some checking.
    • Next step: get field strengths as defined by Bill for G3 at 2.2 GeV. We _think_ the fields are defined the same in the G4 sim as they are in the G3 sim. Try using those fields and see if they transport moller electrons to the detectors. If it looks reasonable, then let's find some specific plots or results from Bill to compare with.
  4. This came up a couple of times: linked from the original Moller polarimeter page there is a "Moller Polarimeter Spectrometer" page. This has a lot of information about the magnets and fields, among other stuff. Moller Polarimeter Spectrometer

Attendees: Bill, Eric, Jim, Dave, Paul, Rich, Cip, Kent

Excused: Simona, Don