May 4th 2022

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  • Updates
    • HCAL
      • Bryan booted the VTPs and working on readout list for VTP
      • Ben 10 gigE transceiver, Alexandre plugged the fibers to router
      • VTP library and initial readout list setup, few configurations files need to be updated, switch to add to the flash readout list, maybe test in a few days
    • Hodoscope
      • Glasgow people coming in summer
      • might still need to take data for ToT calibration with FADC
    • GEM
      • one layer taken out from BB, will replace HV parallel power supply
      • can other detector be turned on ? HV GEM off so can take cosmics
    • Shower : get ready to take cosmics again
    • made configuration without GEM with 2 and 3 event builders
    • HV
      • HV software working with RPi4

  • Discussion multiple streams
    • testing DAQ setup
    • want to add second DC
    • online monitoring
    • EPICS/scaler insertion : would like to insert in all the streams ? Right now only going in one stream - ev
      • 3 streams : 3 to 1 split - evenly
      • open 3 files at same time - and make one stream ? ( need software work )
      • or put back 3 streams in one and feed existing software
    • Helicity info insertion - Paul has readout list to test with ring buffer
      • if in time can record in register -
      • new helicity board should be avalaible : can record helicity event by event
      • use the scaler and event register
      • needs helicity event ?
      • only one stream of event number - unique
      • Ole could try to open 3 streams and produce one stream - small snag : number of event could be different
      • input class taking all segments to present to analyzer , so could adapt class for multiple streams
    • charge feedback ? with multistream - use parity DAQ so most likely ok- could use scalers but less precise - Could set up QWeak - Parity DAQ using CODA 2.6 - ET would be broken for CODA 3 - but existing should be fine for feedback
    • software required changes to handle multiple stream files
    • make sure some headers are in all stream : control events written to all 3 streams
    • feature used by Hall D, every time new split file , one event can be recorded in each new BOR
    • can write to one stream by selecting the ET system where EB runs
  • Channel counts for GEM per plan : Alex will get ( from Kondo presention )
  • GEn ERR : option to have GEM SBS was not on ERR - 20 or 30 lower luminosity
  • GEn RP : had all the GEMs -