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  • Updates
    • HCAL
      • DVCS LED pulser can be used and controlled
      • One trigger separated for cosmics and overlapping - now 3 triggers LED, summing and cosmics
      • VME DAQ working : -10 to +10V sent to modified discriminator - working as expected - GUI developped and working to control the DAC
      • BB F1 tested was working with SD board : trigger input seems ok and board working
      • labeling and inventoring for move on May 17th - uncabling on Monday
      • will try to take last run
      • keep computer in Scott's office for now - will try to set up network and extension cord to get thing started in Hall
    • BB Shower
      • not tried TDC yet, will try to put it in again - Scott will try to send a scope picture of trigger signal going to F1
      • can try to set up another F1 trigger by TI
      • taking cosmics data with shower
      • Bigbite going on May 17th in Hall - most likely start to take apart next week
    • BB Hodo
      • still taking data every day
      • getting ready for move
      • documentation almost done
    • GRINCH
      • Gasket installed ready to be sealed
      • testing LED : pulser old and started to have issue - need another pulser - HP8160A programmable pulse generator -
      • VETROC decoder might still need tweaks, cannot see the top PMTs
      • still need to fix ADC readout - need to define geographic adress - Mark updated the read out list - should work now
      • planning for move
    • CDet
      • Ralph found issue with ADC : connector going from MAPMT to NINO, each connector has 8 pins, signal and ground for one pixel was loose - made other pixels ground floats hence pedestal shift - new cable fixed issue
      • taking cosmics
    • LHRS
      • detector cabling to DAQ
    • GEM TEDF
      • will set up to run cosmics this week-end
      • Bryan finished up porting SSP readout to VTP - need to generate config files
      • issue with MPD connection to VTP - Ben trouble shooting ( might be issue with interface board )
      • Optical card added - sbsdaq1 or 2 - will set up second board in sbsdaq1 or 2 ( the one used for GEM )
    • GEM INFN
      • constructed faraday cage on J3, saw same improvement of noise as in UVA setup
      • thinking of plan to implement that on all chambers
      • one VME SD in INFN - Ben will cable it when he gets
    • GEM UVA
      • brought back MPDs from electronics group, all have terminators
      • Bogdan and Nilanga designing shielding frame
      • working with Ben tracking GEM noise
    • Helicity
      • Paul has questions , will follow later