Meeting 2021 07 14

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GMn GEM commissioning Meetings: WEDNESDAY 10:00am - 11:00am

Link to all previous meetings: GMn GEM Commissioning Meeting

Update on INFN GEM commissioning (Evaristo, Ezekiel, Holly)

GEM shielding & MPD noise reduction (Bogdan, Xinzhan, & Sean)

  • Bottom shielding has been attached to two UV GEM modules and soldered to the readout board. Frames should be ready from machine shop today and we can finish the full shielding for two UV layers for BigBite. - Sean

Update on installation timeline for UVa GEMs in Bigbite and SBS (Kondo)

Update on the Tracking efficiency / resolution (Andrew)

Update on the High rate DAQ development (Ben, Alex, Paolo, Holly, Sean)