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GMn GEM commissioning Meetings: WEDNESDAY 10:00am - 11:00am

Link to all previous meetings: GMn GEM Commissioning Meeting

Update on INFN GEM commissioning (Evaristo, Roberto, Ezekiel)

Update on UVa GEM commissioning (Kondo & Anu)

  • Soldered the 85% divider into the modules that were recently put into the cosmic stand (i.e the first 3 layers in the cosmic stand)

Update from cosmic data (Malinga & Thir)

Update on the Tracking efficiency / resolution (Andrew)

Update on the High rate DAQ development (Ben, Alex, Paolo, Holly)

  • Able to read out all installed MPDs in BB setup in a stable configuration except for MPD in slot 13. 66 APVs total including the 5 in the test setup. Will troubleshoot the MPD in slot 13 and connections. Ben doing firmware updates.