Meeting 2022 02 16

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GMn GEM commissioning Meetings: WEDNESDAY 10:30am - 11:30am

Link to all previous meetings: GMn GEM Commissioning Meeting

Please use sbs_gems mailing list for plots/communications and HALOG entries relevant to GEMs!

Update on BB GEMs(Sean, Ezekiel, Holly, Anu)

  • Gas filters installed, GEMs on nitrogen. Plans for installation of new dividers?
  • Interest in a NIM article?
  • Signal flip event displays -
    • No sign of strip signals flipping from positive to negative
  • Implementing analyzer corrections for large negative bias events
    • Using the 1/100 full readout events to get a rolling average of the CM during offline analysis
    • Use this average to check if the online CM for a particular sample is significantly different.
    • Check if a large number of strips pass zero suppression and possibly recalculate the CM.
  • Efficiency @ High beam current - KG

Update on UVa GEM layers for GEn-RP (Anu, John, Thir)

  • APV inventory

Update on INFN GEM layers for GEn-RP (Ezekiel, Holly, Evaristo)

DAQ updates (Ben, Bryan, Alex)