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Solid Collaboration Meeting


Date: 2010_01_28-29 Friday and Saturday morning
Location: Jlab CEBAF Center

EVO meeting room: for remote desktop sharing


Fri., Jan 28

09:00 Introduction (Paul Souder)


09:20 12 GeV Compton upgrade (Sirish Nanda)

09:40 Alternative Laser options for the 12 GeV Compton (Dave Gaskel)

10:00 High precision laser polarization measurement (Jaideep Singh)

10:30 Coffee

11:00 Photon Calorimeter options (Gregg Franklin)

11:20 Electron Detector options (Dipangkar Dutta)


11:40 Overview (Zen-Eddine})

12:00 He3 ideas (S. Mallace)

12:20 Lunch


2:00 Collaboration with China (Haiyen Gao)

2:20 GEM coordination with China, He3 (JP)

2:40 GEM parformance and cost (Nilanga)

3:00 Coffee

3:30 Lab Perspecitve (Mont)

4:00 Magnet update, Calorimeter ideas (Paul Reimer)

4:30 SIDIS with Solid (Xin Quan)

Saturday, Jan. 29

9:00 Monte Carlo (Seamus)

9:30 Radiative corrections, cross sections (Lorenzo)

10:00 Moller (Eugene)

10:30 coffee

11:00 Preparing for Director's Review (All)