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Time and Location

Date: 2016_08_26-27 Friday and Saturday
Location: Jlab CEBAF Center Room F113

Remote Communication (Blue Jeans)

Dail In: +1 888 240 2560 (US Toll Free), +1 408 317 9253 (Alternate Number), +1 408 740 7256 (International), Enter Meeting ID: 402432916

Join by Web-Browser and Desktop Sharing:

Note1: For first time users of Blue-Jeans, you will be asked to install a plug-in (ie, firefox and chrome) when you click the link above. Please do so and enable the plugin. Please test the website before you join the meeting and make sure how to share your desktop if you give a talk

Note2: You don't need to dail in if your computer has a mic and a speaker, and the plug-in is properly installed. Make sure to mute your PC's mic & speaker when you choose to dial in and use the web-browser at the same time.

Upload talks

You can upload your talk from anywhere by doing this "scp your_file"

Then make a link in the agenda with the address like ""+"yourfilename". Here is how:

1, Log in to wiki with your JLab account
2, If it goes back to this page, find the section that your talk is scheduled.
3, Click the texts "edit", then you will see a new page with the editing box
4, In the box, find the title of your talk, and paste the link to your slides next to the tile, like:
     | 15:20  || title [ PDF]  ||  Name 
   where "PDF" is just a name and you can use any-name you like, or just leave a blank.

If you encounter any problem or don't know how to do it, just send it to Zhiwen Zhao (


8/25 (Friday), Room F113


9:00 Welcome/Pre-R&D Plan pptx Paul Souder
9:20 Discussion
9:30 Status Update ppt J. P. Chen
9:50 Discussion
10:00 Magnet/Engineering/Response pdf Whit Seay
10:30 Discussion
10:40 Break
11:00 Input from JLab Management pptx Bob McKeown/Rolf Ent
11:15 Discussion
11:25 Input from Hall A [1] Thia Keppel
11:40 Discussion
11:50 SIDIS Projections/Impact Simulations pdf Nobuo Sato
12:05 Discussion
12:15 Lunch
13:30 SIDIS Responses pdf Tianbo Liu
13:50 Discussion
14:10 PVDIS Responses pptx Paul Souder
14:30 Discussion
14:50 J/Psi Bin Migration and Background pdf Michael Paolone
15:05 Discussion
15:20 GPDs Responses pdf Garth Huber
15:30 Discussion
15:40 Break
16:00 GEM-US Progress/Response pdf Kondo Gnanvo
16:20 Discussion
16:35 GEM Simulation pdf Nilanga Liyanage
16:45 Discussion
16:55 Tracking PDF Weizhi Xiong
17:10 Discussion
17:20 Software Responses PDF Ole Hansen
17:40 Discussion
18:00 Adjourn

8/26 (Saturday), Room F113


9:00 GEM-China Progress/Responses Jianbei Liu
9:20 Discussion
9:35 MRPC Progress/Responses pptx at hadron workshop in China Yi Wang
9:55 Discussion
10:10 Kaon Detection - TOF Improvement Discussion pdf Mickey Chiu/Alexandre Camsonne
10:30 Break
10:50 EM Calorimeter Update and Responses pdf Xiaochao Zheng
11:10 Discussion
11:25 Light Gas Cherenkov Update and Responses pdf Michael Paolone
11:45 Discussion
12:00 General Discussions
12:10 Lunch
13:30 Heavy Gas Cherenkov Update and Responses pdf Garth Huber
13:50 Discussions
14:05 Radiation/Activation Update and Responses pdf Lorenzo Zana
14:20 Discussion
14:25 Trigger Simulation pptx Yuxiang Zhao
14:40 Discussion
14:45 Baffle pdf Rich Holmes
15:00 Discussion
15:05 Simulations Update and Responses pptxpdf Zhiwen Zhao
15:20 Discussion
15:25 Break
15:45 DAQ Test Hanjie Liu
15:55 Discussion
16:00 DAQ Update and Responses pdf pptx Alexandre Camsonne
16:20 Discussion
16:30 Slow Control Status pdf Brad Sawatzky
16:45 Discussion
16:55 Discussions on other issues/recommendations
17:10 Discussion on Preparation for Responses
17:40 General Discussions: Next Steps, Next Meeting, ...
18:00 End of the collaboration meeting