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Meeting time is 11:00 AM EST on Mondays. The Bluejeans link is:

Monday, December 9th, 2017

List of topics for meeting today:

  • Engineering status
    • Updates on Tank Construction
      • Is there adequate space in the current design for the scintillator arrays?
    • Updates on Stand Construction
  • Outstanding items that need to be ordered/built/procured
    • Status of current orders:
      • MaPMTs
      • Mirrors
      • Electronic summing board board
      • MAROC electronics
      • Gas regulation system
    • Status of lead block availability at JLab?
    • Status of lemo cable availability at JLab?
    • Status of BNC cable availability at JLab?
  • Preparation of Cosmics test.
    • Space at the lab?
    • Electronics and cables ready?
    • Schedule for bench testing calorimeter blocks and scintillators.
  • MaPMT pixel test with wavelength shifter coating
  • Documentation for device
    • Status of SOW's for Argonne
    • Safety documentation for JLab
    • Alignment, calibration, and commissioning procedures.
    • Heavy gas fill procedure
    • Run Plan
    • Kinematics switch timeline/plan

Monday, November 11th, 2017

  • Some design pictures from Ed are below:
Fig. 1: Initial work on Prototype Tank
Fig. 2: Schematic of blank circular flange
Fig. 3: Design for tank housing, with flange attachment possibilities
'Fig. 4: Schematic of circular flange with 80 BNC and 16 SVH feedthroughs
Fig. 5: Schematic of square flange option
Fig. 6: Image of square flange option
Fig. 7: Alternate view image of square flange option