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meeting info

Date and Location:  Weekly Tuesday at 11:00AM  (announcement in solid_software emaillist)
Conference ID 645531152 
Desktop Sharing 
Phone Call Dial 18882402560 (US or Canada only)  and enter the Conference ID and passcode.  (This is preferred way for best audio quality, REMEMBER to turn off mic and speaker on your PC)
meeting system "bluejeans" howto
Howto share files for the meeting
you may just send the file to
The info below is about how to do it yourself
upload your file to the meeting file dir by "scp your_file"
then you can link it by + yourfilename
note: your account needs to be in 12gev_solid group to be able to upload.

agenda and minutes

new agenda and slides after 2017/11


  • 2020/06/30
    • Weizhi showed update of PVDIS tracking with segmented strips
  • 2020/06/16
    • Weizhi showed PVDIS tracking with segmented strips
  • 2020/06/02
    • Jinlong showed VMM digitization with PVDIS.
    • Weizhi showed update on NH3 tracking
    • Zhiwen showed SIDIS_NH3 sheet of flame change with target and/or solenoid flip
  • 2020/05/26
    • Weizhi showed more SIDIS_NH3 tracking after a bug fix how gemc handle its target transverse field and initial idea of turning some section off for sheet of flame
    • Zhiwen/Vlad showed the attempt in simulation to put a shielding near NH3 target to block sheet of flame. more study is needed
    • We discussed the organization of collaboration meeting in two weeks and how to track various simulation studies.
  • 2020/05/19
    • Weizhi showed more SIDIS_NH3 tracking which has some features needed to be understood
  • 2020/05/12
    • Weizhi showed first attempt SIDIS_NH3 tracking without background, the result looks promising. He will test it with background next.
    • Jinlong summarized the VMM digitization where a lot of information is obtained and he can move on to do the next iteration
    • Zhiwen proposed for ANL group to test DD4hep with SoLID SIDIS_He3 DIS e- trigger rate on EC with its layout [1] and generator [2] and trigger function [3]. We could add light gas Cherenkov in the study if needed
  • 2020/05/05
    • We had a brief discussion about simulation tasks status
  • 2020/04/28
    • Whitney showed the current DD4hep implementation for SoLID, see recording
    • DD4hep for SoLID instruction will be available later
    • the detector definition is made of compiled C++ library and xml file and there is C++ interface for reconstruction and analysis
    • We plan to do some comparison studies between current gemc based simulation and DD4hep when it's ready.
  • 2020/04/21
    • Science Review preparation with high priority was discussed and a list is at [4]
    • talk about DD4hep with SoLID is postponed to next week

before 2017/11

  • 2017/11/28
    • pdf SIDIS bkg update, Ye Tian
    • pdf LASPD simulation, Sanghwa
  • 2017/11/21
    • pdf PVDIS bkg update, Ye Tian
  • 2017/11/14
    • pdf SoLID/PVDIS 6.6 GeV, Rich Holmes (updated 11/27 to include energy spectrum ratio plots)
    • pdf PVDIS bkg update, Ye Tian
    • pdf SIDIS NH3 detection, Zhiwen
  • 2017/11/07
    • pdf PVDIS bkg update, Ye Tian
  • 2017/10/31
    • pdf SPD update, Sanghwa
    • pdf SIDIS NH3 detection, Zhiwen
  • 2017/10/10
    • pdf LGC background, Rich Holmes
    • pdf SIDIS NH3 detection, Zhiwen
  • 2017/10/03
    • pdf SPD simulation, Sanghwa Park
  • 2017/09/19
    • pdf Rich's PVDIS GEM digitization is finished. the occupancy is reduced, but it would need to tracking to tell if it's enough.
    • pdfYe Tian showed comparison with PVDIS EC trigger with background between Jin,Rakitha and her result. There are something need to be understand for the background mixing method she use and she will look into it.
    • computer center will start move to new work disk in a few weeks or so. please clean up and backup you data on work disk to tape if needed. This would be safer than just wait for computer center do the move for us. We can also use volatile for 6 month storage to save space on work.
    • computer center haven't figured out something preventing singularity job on farm. Zhiwen will try to find alternative solution if it won't work out soon.
  • 2017/08/29
    • pdf background mixing, Ye Tian
  • 2017/08/15
    • [5] GEMC update and discusion, Mauri
    • pdf , EC background mixing, Ye Tian
  • 2017/08/08
    • pdf GEM digitization, Rich
    • pdf SIDIS trigger efficiency, Ye Tian
  • 2017/07/25
    • pdf Sanghwa - MRPC simulation
    • Rich - Looking at digitization: Dead areas now can be arbitrary polygons, looking at dividing strips
    • GEMC request list will be sent to Mauri once we have agreed on it
  • 2017/06/27
    • pdf PVDIS LGC background, Rich
    • pdf Hyperon event generator, Ye Tian
  • 2017/06/06
    • pdf SIDIS electron trigger efficiency curve, Ye Tian
  • 2017/05/23
  • 2017/05/16
    • pptxpdf hit and Occupancy for SIDIS_He3, Zhiwen
    • pptxpdf hit and Occupancy for JPsi_LH2, Zhiwen
  • 2017/05/09
    • pdf MRPC rate, Sanghwa
  • 2017/04/25
    • pptxpdf hit and Occupancy for SIDIS_He3, Zhiwen
    • pdf MRPC rate, Sanghwa
  • 2017/04/18
    • pdf MRPC rate, Sanghwa
  • 2017/04/11
    • pdf MRPC digitization, Sanghwa
  • 2017/04/04
    • [6] SoLIDTracking Weizhi
    • pdf MRPC digitization, Sanghwa
  • 2017/03/21
  • 2017/03/14
    • [7] SoLID Tracking Weizhi
    • pptxpdf SIDIS He3 detection, Zhiwen
  • 2017/02/28
    • MRPC update, MRPC digitization update, Sanghwa
    • [8] GEM digitization and tracking update, Weizhi
  • 2017/02/07
    • pdf MRPC digitization, Sanghwa
  • 2017/01/31
    • [9], inclusive electron generator, Yuxiang
    • pptxpdf SIDIS_He3 detection, Zhwen Zhao
    • Solid_MRPC link to MRPC reference
    • [10] EC todo list, Ye Tian
  • 2016/12/13
    • pptxpdf SIDIS_He3 trigger, Zhiwen Zhao
    • SIDIS He3 Collimator optimization pptxpdf, Zhiwen
  • 2016/12/06
    • SIDIS He3 trigger, Zhiwen's update on EC cut pptxpdf, Yuxiang's update pptx
    • GEM digitization, Weizhi pdf
  • 2016/10/18
    • pptxpdf SIDIS_He3 trigger, Zhiwen Zhao
  • 2016/09
    • pptxpdfSIDIS_He3 trigger, Yuxiang Zhao
  • 2016/9/8
    • pdf Kondo, "See attached slides on the quick pedestal noise study, I computed pedestals with 6 time samples APV25 data we took with PRad GEMs at UVa pedestals computed using 1, 3 and 6 time samples (see slides 2), This gives you an idea on the pedestal rms increases with the number of time samples. I suspect in reality could be slightly worse. On page 3 is shown the pedestals rms when the common mode is not corrected"
  • 2016/9/1
  • 2016/08/11
    • [11] GEm simulation, Tim McMullen from UVa
  • 2016/08/04
  • 2016/07/28
    • pdf SIDIS tracking,Weizhi
    • pptx,SIDIS trigger, Yuxiang
    • pptxpdf acceptance, Zhiwen
  • 2016/07/21
    • pptxpdf PVDIS e trigger rate, Yuxiang
  • 2016/06/30
    • pdfBaffles update, Rich
  • 2016/06/23
    • pdf,Ye Tian, pi0 data
  • 2016/05/19
    • pdf Baffles update, Rich
  • 2016/04/14
    • pdf Tracking, Weizhi
  • 2016/04/07
    • pdf Tracking, Weizhi
  • 2016/03/24
    • pdf ECAL (PVDIS) Trigger update, Rakitha
  • 2016/02/25
    • pdf ECAL Trigger update, Rakitha
    • [12] SIDIS Digitization, Weizhi
  • 2016/02/18
  • 2016/02/4
  • 2015/10/01
    • Agenda
      • simulation task and plan, Seamus (see below)
      • detail about using GEMC framework, Zhiwen
    • Minutes
      • Seamus will contact
        • Hai Yan about SIDIS systematic manpower
        • Zein Eddine for student with J/psi backgrounds, systematics
        • Paul for PVDIS systematics
        • Finalize postdoc request institution responsibility
      • Paul Reimer may have someone to help with the magnet simulation work