Moller Polarimeter How Tos

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CAEN High Voltage Controls

Usual use of the HV controls will come from the GUI accessible via jmenu. Open jmenu as adaq on one of the adaq accounts:

ssh -Y adaq@adaq1 jmenu

Navigate to the controls JMenu >> System Expert >> Hall A >> Moller >> CAEN HV >> HV Card 2. Card 2 has the Moller calorimeter PMTs.

To reboot the HV from adaq account log in to hlal00 as hacuser by running

ssh -Y hacuser@hlal00

At the prompt open firefox (Note: that the command below allows one to bypass the usual errors about firefox already running)

firefox -p default --no-remote

In the browser type the following address which will open the CAEN server control platform:

To reboot go to Setting Menu >> Reboot

To set channels manually outside the GUI go to Main Menu>>Channels Controller>Click to Start. This should open a basic table controller in Iced Tea software.