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Hall A Moller High Voltage Controls

The Hall A Moller calorimeter PMTs are connected to the negative HV card in slot 3 of the CAEN HV crate. This is called Card 2 in the accelerator JMenu GUI. The PMTs are plugged in as follows:

  • Left PMTs 1-4 are plugged into channels 0-3
  • Right PMTs 5-8 into channels 4-7 respectively.

Usual use of the HV controls will come from the GUI accessible via jmenu. Open jmenu as adaq on one of the adaq accounts:

ssh -Y adaq@adaq1 jmenu

Navigate to the controls JMenu >> System Expert >> Hall A >> Moller >> CAEN HV >> HV Card 2. Card 2 has the Moller calorimeter PMTs.

Connecting to the CAEN High Voltage Server

Occasionally it might be necessary to log in directly to the CAEN HV server for example to reboot the system or if the GUI stops responding.

  1. To log in to the HV server from adaq account log in to hlal00 as hacuser by running ssh -Y hacuser@hlal00
  2. At the prompt open firefox (Note: that the command below allows one to bypass the usual errors about firefox already running) firefox -p default --no-remote
  3. In the browser type the following address which will open the CAEN server control platform:

You are now in the controls server from which you can do a variety of things including opening a basic controls table and rebooting the server/controller.

  • Reboot go to Setting Menu >> Reboot
  • Set channels manually outside the GUI go to Main Menu>>Channels Controller>Click to Start. This should open a basic table controller in Iced Tea software.