Nov 11, 2019

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Connection details:

Meeting URL

Meeting ID 388 466 836

US toll free phone 1.888.240.2560

Dial in, type in the meeting ID and then press ##


Simona reported that the issues with the magnet compressor were resolved. Needed more helium so that was topped up. She has been dealing with DAQ issues. Appeared to be getting clock clicks consistent with 240 Hz when running at 120 Hz. Weird behavior when number of ADC samples per helicity was changed to 0. Not sure what all the issues were but mysql used for config setup by CODA was corrupted. DAQ seems to be working again but unsure what the full issue was. Simona has asked for a new account moller_offline where we can do our individual analyses. No more work is allowed on the moller account.

Eric to do's 1. Develop optics setup plan for CREX optics spin dance. 2. Develop plan for optics setup for CREX. Build spreadsheet of optics settings for CREX precision Q1 asymmetry scan. 3. Continue work on 11 GeV optics

Eric has CREX simulations done. He showed his 6PMT solution. There is a long flat region in Azz+Levchuk. He has solutions for 4PMT in hand as well.

Eric talked about his initial observation on MOLLER optics. It looks like we need higher dipole and quad currents and perhaps a larger dipole gap in order to reduce the Levchuk effect. Right now given the current setup/hardware, the Levchuk correction can only be taken down to 0.6%. We might be able to get down to 0.3% or lower with modifications. We discussed modifications.