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  • Updates
    • HCAL
      • cosmics working on right side - checking cabling - still DMA transfer error
      • prescale set to 0 to get all the trigger - was set to 1 so was taking half
      • could try to swap FADC from bottom to top crate
      • try with bus analyzer ?
      • Bryan will check readout list
    • Bigbite Shower
      • PMTs replaced , starting taking data yesterday - will take data over week-end - and switch to CODA3 maybe Tuesday
    • INFN GEM
      • running cosmics on week-end with CODA3 - running stable - replacing cable trays and will retest - no need to power cycle low voltage - 3 M events run
    • UVA GEM
      • replaced one MPD which was giving read out errors - need to look at data - no errors seen with new MPD
    • BigBite GEM
      • set of 5 APV for testing in TEDF, crates and modules installed
    • Hodoscope
      • Mark gave HV write up, can control HV
      • next set of 16 almost ready
      • will setup TDC after switch to CODA3
    • CDet
      • still debugging few individual channels
      • Update on Wednesday - might need to reboot after - update in mounting /site , update should be done through puppet
    • LHRS
      • getting started with intel CPUs and new TI for LHRS
  • GEM DAQ rate limitiation : Ben working on simulation will

  • RP VME rack and cable : need space for VXS crate and 1 HV crate and patch panel
  • TI Daisy chaining mode for TI : need to test - need pull bundle of fiber TI
  • Bigbite Calorimeter trigger :
    • would prefer to use digital as default
    • still keep analog trigger as back up and cross check
    • need develop WAPP trigger
    • analog trigger : need DAC setup for remote threshold control