November 9th 2022

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  • Discussion next experiment
    • Ordered 4 more VTP
    • next experiment GEp5
    • plan to test HCAL trigger during GEn
    • set up pulser trigger and simulate : winter break
    • ECal needs to be right
    • ECal DAQ being worked on so
    • Fastbus CPU and TI : few CPUs and TI from HRS, 30 weeks for new CPU and TI, DAQ weldment in final testing
    • HCAL VTP readout and need to expand to 2 crates, about 2 weeks and could start in about one month
    • reducing GEM data
    • new MPD could go to 10 KHz - MPD has event builder which might need
    • trigger 5 KHz limitation
  • Updates
    • Helicity
      • looks good from Shawn, run through all data set with low rate trigger, 15 % without usual helicity, fixed
    • GEM
      • single fiber on SBS side making issue : but not happening without beam