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Back to [[Main_Page|Main Page]] >> [[Moller|Moller Page]] >> [[Moller_Meeting_Agendas|Moller Weekly Meeting Index]]
[[Sep_30%2C_2019|previous meeting]] <<  >> [[Oct_20%2C_2019|following meeting]]
[https://mollerpol.jlab.org/cgi-bin/DocDB/private/DocumentDatabase Moller DocDB]
[http://hallaweb.jlab.org/equipment/moller/ Original Moller Polarimeter Page]
[https://hallaweb.jlab.org/dvcslog/moller/ Moller ELog]
Progress and systematics discussion
Connection details:
Meeting URL
Meeting ID
388 466 836
US toll free phone
Dial in, type in the meeting ID and then press ##

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