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1. Quick Start for Shift Workers

Replay procedures are:

logon to adaq@adaql<3-?>(DO NOT do it on adal1&adal2 which are taking the data), call command "goonlana", then start "analyzer".

After analyzer is loaded successfully, one can call


for BigBite replay or


for LHRS (including FPP) replay


for physics replay.

It's also possible to specify the run# and event number in parameters. For ex.


will replay first 1k events of run#1568.

Then open onlineGUI to check the replay results:

>online("BB",runno)       for BigBite replay,
>online("LHRS",runno)      for LHRS replay,
>online("physics",runno)  for physics relay.

Or, one can do all the above together by:


which will run all the replays and shows the onlineGUI after the replay.

2. File Locations

The databases directory are:


which is also soft linked to


Source of replay scripts used in adaq@adaqlx are located in:


one can get to it by calling goreplay or goonlana macro as bbsoftw. Key files in above directory are soft linked to


where goonlana is pointed to.