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This page is in progress, please new items to it. When you obtain a result, log in into the Halog and link it to this page. if you are willing to take charge of a given analysis, please indicate it on this page as well as the date at which you are starting to work on it.

Matching data taking with run plans

  • Update the how to
  • Maintain db_run.dat file: Make sure that every LHRS momentum and angle changes are logged (Florian Itard is keeping up with that)
  • Start a database of run indicating line by line the run number, the target in position, the average beam current, LHRs pnom, LHRS angle, the purpose of the run

Luminosity, efficiency

Boiling test

Initial calibration on 10-17 owl shift: [shift summary][initial plan]
Second calibration on 10-21 swing shift: [run list]

Trigger efficiency

Analyze data taken on the week-end of 10-09 and 10-10 with T3 and T4 trigger and also data taken around 10-14. Online analysis by B. Michaels [here]. Malek Mazouz is working on the offline study (starting on 10-16)

Run7711 T3 and T4 Triggers

S0 hit pattern vs x and y (at vdc) shows efficiency in excess of 99% except at extreme ends of focal plane halog entry 336817

Cut script saved at /adaqfs/home/adaq/dvcs/onlana/GoodHRS.h TCut cGoodVDC = "<1."; TCut cGoodAngles = "abs(<0.1&&abs(<0.05"; TCut cTarget = "abs(<0.1"; TCut cCleanTrk = cGoodVDC&&cGoodAngles&&cTarget;

LHRS commissioning

Calibrate the ADCs:

Still to be done S1, Pion rejector, (Shloka is working on that)

[Cerenkov], [S2 (done 10-09)]

Calibrate detector time spectra:

Still to be done : understand timing spectra for S1,S2 and the Cerenkov

[t0 for VDC (done 10-09)]

Evaluate PID efficiency:

Here is an example of such an analysis P. Solvignon, 2003

LHRS optics run (no sieve/sieve)

Ye Zhihong is interested in this analysis and started it.

LHRS acceptance check

[delta scan on 10-22] need to be analyzed

DVCS Calorimeter

  • two photon invariant mass: [10-24]

Elastic calibration


BPM calibration

BCM calibration

  • the initial calibration was done on 10-14. It needs to be analyzed. Asked Hisham on 10-14 if he wants to look at it, waiting on his answer [halog]

Beam energy measurement

  • the initial measurement was done on 10-15: [halog]


  • runs with TSettle as trigger:
    • 7387: after the new helicity board is installed: [here]
    • test at various helicity flipping rate: [here]


Polarization sign: [halog]
[Moeller 10-27]
[Moeller 10-03]