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This page is in progress, please new items to it. When you obtain a result, log in into the Halog and link it to this page. if you are willing to take charge of a given analysis, please indicate it on this page as well as the date at which you are starting to work on it.

Matching data taking with run plans

  • Update the how to
  • Maintain db_run.dat file: Make sure that every LHRS momentum and angle changes are logged (Florian Itard is keeping up with that)
  • Database of run indicating line by line the run number, the target in position, the average beam current, LHRs pnom, LHRS angle, the purpose of the run

[Statistic summary]

Luminosity, efficiency

Boiling test

Initial calibration on 10-17 owl shift: [shift summary][initial plan]
Second calibration on 10-21 swing shift: [run list]

Trigger efficiency

Analyze data taken on the week-end of 10-09 and 10-10 with T3 and T4 trigger and also data taken around 10-14. Online analysis by B. Michaels [here]. Malek Mazouz is working on the offline study (starting on 10-16)

Run7711 T3 and T4 Triggers

S0 hit pattern vs x and y (at vdc) shows efficiency in excess of 99% except at extreme ends of focal plane halog entry 336817

Cut script saved at /adaqfs/home/adaq/dvcs/onlana/GoodHRS.h TCut cGoodVDC = "<1."; TCut cGoodAngles = "abs(<0.1&&abs(<0.05"; TCut cTarget = "abs(<0.1"; TCut cCleanTrk = cGoodVDC&&cGoodAngles&&cTarget;

Cerenkov Efficiency Study

Prior to afternoon of 1 Nov 2010, Cerenkov threshold at 200 mV. Inefficiency = 7%



LHRS commissioning

Calibrate the ADCs:

Still to be done S1, Pion rejector, (Shloka is working on that)

[Cerenkov], [S2 (done 10-09)]

Calibrate detector time spectra:

Still to be done : understand timing spectra for S1,S2 and the Cerenkov

Evaluate PID efficiency:

LHRS optics run (no sieve/sieve)

Ye Zhihong is interested in this analysis and started it.

LHRS acceptance check

[delta scan on 10-22] need to be analyzed

DVCS Calorimeter

  • two photon invariant mass: [10-24]

Elastic calibration


BPM calibration

BCM calibration

  • the initial calibration was done on 10-14 [halog]. Calibration results are [here]

Beam energy measurement

  • the initial measurement was done on 10-15: [halog]


  • Large charge asymmetry : helicity sign check: [this halog].
  • ring map file
    • November 1: new configuration [here]
    • September 20: ring map file [here]
  • runs with TSettle as trigger:
    • 7387: after the new helicity board is installed: [here]
    • test at various helicity flipping rate: [here]