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| Suleiman, Riad  || suleiman.AT.jlab.org  || Jefferson Lab  || x7159(o)
| Suleiman, Riad  || suleiman.AT.jlab.org  || Jefferson Lab  || x7159(o)
| Zafar, Ahmed || zahmed@jlab.org || Syracuse University || 584-0055 (pager)

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To see who is at the lab during the experiment, visit the parity availability page.

Contact details for parity collaborators
Name Email Institution Office/Pager
Run Coordinator JLab 876-1787 (cell), 584-5411 (pager)
Armstrong, David armd.AT.jlab.org College of William and Mary x6087(o), 253-8518 (home), 561-4937 (cell)
Camsonne, Alexandre camsonne.AT.jlab.org Jefferson Laboratory x5064(o), pager 584-5064
Cates, Gordon cates.AT.jlab.org University of Virginia 434-924-4792
Dalton, Mark dalton.AT.jlab.org University of Virginia 757-269-5852 (o), 757-849-2929 (cell), 757-584-5852 (pager)
Decowski, Piotr pdecowski.AT.smith.edu Smith College 413-585-3882 (office)
Franklin, Gregg gbfranklin.AT.cmu.edu Carnegie Mellon University
Friend, Megan mfriend.AT.andrew.cmu.edu Carnegie Mellon University 412-302-0576 (cell)
Hahn, Brian bdhahn.AT.jlab.org College of William and Mary x5332(o),584-5958(p),395-7986(cell)
Holmes, Rich rsholmes.AT.phy.syr.edu Syracuse University 315-443-5977
Chen, Jian-Ping jpchen.AT.jlab.org Jefferson Lab x7413(o/p), 757-218-0722(cell)
Kumar, Krishna kkumar.AT.jlab.org University of Massachusetts 413-545-1310 (o) 413-519-9895 (cell)
McNulty, Dustin mcnulty.AT.jlab.org University of Massachusetts x5023(o),757-584-5819(pgr),757-395-0334(cell)
Mercado, Luis mercado.AT.jlab.org University of Massachusetts 757-584-0042(pgr)
Michaels, Robert rom.AT.jlab.org Jefferson Lab x7410(o/p)
Nanda, Sirish nanda.AT.jlab.org Jefferson Lab x7176(o), x5626(Compton Lab)
Parno, Diana dparno.AT.cmu.edu Carnegie Mellon University 412-268-2772 (office), 202-821-3471 (cell)
Paschke, Kent paschke.AT.jlab.org University of Virginia x6932 (JLab office), 757-584-7351 (JLab pager),

434-924-4543 (UVa Office), 434-982-1640 (Uva Lab), 434-964-6777 (cell)

Quinn, Brian bquinn.AT.cmu.edu Carnegie Mellon University
Rakhman, Abdurahim rabudure.AT.physics.syr.edu Syracuse University x5626(Compton Lab)
Souder, Paul souder.AT.physics.syr.edu Syracuse University 315-443-9102 (o)
Silwal, Rupesh rs3te@virginia.edu University of Virginia 757-584-7004(pgr), 434-228-0931 (cell)
Suleiman, Riad suleiman.AT.jlab.org Jefferson Lab x7159(o)
Zafar, Ahmed zahmed@jlab.org Syracuse University 584-0055 (pager)