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By: Junhao Chen 03/2019 jhchen@jlab.org

current list

holding field (3 sets)

2 KEPCO powersupply (good for voltage mode). From Temple
1 HP 6675A powersupply (good for current mode). Tag: F24642?  | do not see the Ftag
2 DS345 function generator (control offset) . Tag: F220640, F220633 
1 wavetek80 function generator (trigger). Tag:  F218799   
3 Fluke 45 multimeter     | F220625 F218805 F220706
1 rotation box
2 DC power supply Agilent E3634A(correction coil. Tag: F223897 F223964
2 DC Power Supply BK precesion 1901B 

RF (2 set RF)

1 HP 3324 function generator (RF signal) F221192
1 AG 1201 amplifier (RF amplifier) UVa 95302
1 capacitor box (match RF coil impedance) Temple 

NMR (3 sets pickup)

3 SR560 preamplifier (pickup signal). (Changed: Tag: F218549, other has no tag) PC: F223618 TC_US: F223619 TC_DS: F218546
3 SR844 lockin amplifier (collect signal). Changed:Tag: F221327, F222287   PC: F225392 TC_US: F224123 TC_DS: F222287
1 DC power source 2040A (for convection) F220973  ? 2040A Value indicator seems malfunctioning F
1 more SR560 + SR844 for additional NMR pickup coil in pumping chamber

pNMR with Lockin (1 set)

1 pulse RF function generator, DS345 F220930
1 reference RF function generator, Keysight 3324A, F220637
1 Trigger, WaveTek F220705
2 Switch, ZYSWA-2-50DR
1 Switch Power Supply, P33-5 Daburn Electronics
1 pre-Amplifier F233620
1 DAQ NI USB-6251
1 Lockin SR844 could be F222287

EPR (1 set)

1 DS345 function generator(generate signal) , from Temple
1 SR620 (counter), Tag:F221219
1 HP E4400B function generator (generate signal), Tag: F221717
1 PerkinElmer 7265 lockin amplifier (collect signal), (Changed: Tag: F220937) | F218655
1 2100-L RF power Amplifier, Tag: 221221
1 PI box, ?now using this one
2 PI box made by JLab electronic group  


Gone 1 Wavemeter WM-1210 NewFocus, Tag:F225363
1 Wavemeter New Focus WM-1210 F225420
1 tunable-diode-laser velocity-6300, Tag: F215521 
1 3501 optical chopper, NewFocus, (Did not see:Tag: Caltech 000046958)  F224359
2 7265 DSP lock-in amplifier, no Tag |  F220937 (Broken) F220674
1 Lindberg/Blue Oven, Tag: F218904

Spare/EEL Downstair

1 DS345 F223622
2 SR560 F222281 F224365
1 DC Power HY3005F-3 F224364
1 RF Amplifier ENI2100L, Temple

Spare/EEL Upstair

1 SR620 F220628
1 RF Amplifer AG1201 F221662
1 SR560 F222818 Battery Broken
1 DS345 F220931(repaired one) For Field sweep?
1 Old DC Power 6673A 35V-60A F220093
1 DC Power 6675A F223986
1 Function Generator 3324A F225400
1 SR830 F219883
2 Multimeter 34401A F211609 F220626(Seems Brand New)
1 DC Power Supply BK precesion 1901B 
1 Function generator Wavetek 80 F220632
2 PI box

Lending (before)

1 HP E4400B (at UNH) ?still we have one for epr rf
1 DS345 (at Duke) | ?still

pNMR(Oscilloscope) (1 set)

1HP 3324A function generator (RF). Tag: F220637
1 wavetek80 function generator(trigger). Tag: F220705
1 DS345 function generator(RF signal). Tag: F220930
1 DS345 function generator (reference signal). Tag: F223622
2 SR560 preamplifier (pickup signal). Tag: F222818, F222281
2 switch
1 DC power supply HY3005F-3 with two output (for switch)
1 mixer
1 Tektronik TDS 1002B oscilloscope. Tag: F223617
1 DAQ card
1 Lockin SR844. Tag: F224123