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Spectra-Physics Comet Laser

SFCB Comet: 795nm, 25W output, 0.2nm width

In the set of transversity experiments, we used line-narrowed lasers called Comets. They put out 20-25W of light @ 794.7nm with a width of 0.2nm. They were manufactured by Spectra-Physics, which was owned by Newport at the time. However, the Comets are no longer available from the special Spectra-Physics factory where they were made. The factory was bought by Oclaro a couple of years ago. It was shut down and operations were moved to Europe. However, Oclaro discontinued the VBG line-narrowed diode bar product line.

Some detailed info about the comet laser set: "EWR-NSI EWR-BAR kit, includes: COMET single fiber coupled bar with VBG locking to 794.69 nm. With S10404-C specifications (See below). 763-FCBAR-KIT, Laser Diode Drive Kit: 5600-65 High Power Laser Diode Driver, 65 A. 3150 advanced High-Power temperature Controller. 763H-FC Fiber coupled laser diode mount. 5600-04 Laser Diode Driver cable; 5600 to 763H series. #150-04 Temperature Controller cable; 3150 to 763H series. S10404-C specification: CW power >=25 watts, driving current <=60 A, threshold current <15 A, operating voltage <2V, central wavelength 794.69(+0.1/-0.15). Spectra band 0.7 nm. Spectral Width (FWHM) <=0.35 nm. Beam divergence 98% power within 0.22 NA. Package type SFCB/Comet laser. Fiber length 1m with PVC jacket. Fiber diameter 400 micro meter with SMA-905 connector. Operating temperature 20-35C. 20% increase in drive current required of rated power. 12 months warrant. FAPsys-Remote-60W-794.8-Dual. 60 Watts (Dual 30 watts) CW diode laser system at 794.8 nm wave length. 2x 800 um fiber bundle. Spectral width less than 2 nm. NA < 0.20. Noise <1% rms. Power stability <+-5%. Delivery fibers: two 5-m long armored-jacketed optical fibers with SMA 905. Diode temperature control range 10-35 degree C. Oprating temperature range 0 to 40 degree C. Front panel keypad. RS 232. External TTL. Rack mount."

QPCLaser BrightLock & S-Ultra Laser

At the moment, we may have two options: 1) QPCLasers BrightLock and/or 2) OptiGrate's Tunable Spectrally Narrowed Laser. Note that prices below are from earlier this year, February and August 2011, respectively.

BrightLock Ultra-50: 795nm, 25W or 30W output, 0.5nm width

http://www.qpclasers.com This option is a product offered as a "replacement" to the Comets. Unfortunately, the BrightLock diode bars are more than double the width of the Comets.

  • A BrightLock Ultra-50 module @ 794.5nm is $5000 for 25W (400um

fiber) version, $5150 for 30W (600um fiber) version. http://www.qpclasers.com/products_BLockU50.html

  • They also sell high power versions of the BrightLock modules (75W & 150W).

Contact is Merrill Apter: e-mail: mapter@qpclasers.com, phone: 818-986-0000

E-mail about Ultra-50 794.7nm Brightlock lasers

As per our conversation at JLab last Friday, Oclaro (Newport Spectra-Physics) no longer manufactures the line-narrowed lasers we bought in the past couple/few years. A new company offers a slightly less narrowed replacement: QPC Lasers. Sales Engineer Merrill Apter is a colleague of Rick Frost, formerly from Spectra-Physics.

Forwarded message ----------

Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2011 16:54:18 -0800 From: Merrill Apter <mapter@qpclasers.com> To: "wat4y@virginia.edu" <wat4y@virginia.edu> Subject: Pricing and Lead time for Ultra-50 794.7nm Brightlock lasers

Hi Al,

By way of this email I'd like to formally re-introduce myself to you. I'm now Vice President of Business Development at QPC Lasers <http://www.qpclasers.com/>. The reason for my email is that I've been informed that Oclaro is obsoleting their VBGed 794.7nm Comet laser and to ensure that the many customers who have previously purchased this product have an alternative supply we are coordinating activities with their sales and marketing force in a seamless transition moving the Oclaro customers to us. As you probably know we have a mature, commercial product with enhanced performance when compared to what Oclaro offered.

We commercially offer a 25W Brightlock product where the light is delivered via a 400um diameter, 0.22NA fiber jumper. If you can tolerate a larger aperture (600um diameter, 0.22NA fiber jumper) we can rate the Ultra-50 Brightlock module to 30-watts, CW.

As a proof statement to the performance of our Brightlock product, I've included a final test data sheet from a recently manufactured Ultra-50 Brightlock module. You should also know that both our 25-watt and 30-watt product can be supported by our newly introduced turnkey solution named S-Ultra (commercial data sheet attached).

To ensure that our customers are spending their valuable time with their experiments and less time trying to cool, drive and control these diodes we recently (Photonics West, January 2011)introduced our (System Ultra) S-Ultra turnkey solution. The unit price for either a 25-watt or 30-watt S-Ultra is $15,900. Delivery is 8-10 weeks ARO. The unit price for the Ultra-50 Brightlock @ 794.5nm is as follows: $5000.00 (25-watt version), $5150.00 (30-watt version).

We also have fiber-coupled modules rated up to 150W, CW (see datasheets for Ultra-100 and Ultra-500) which can be sold with stand alone diode drivers and thermal platforms.

As you probably recall the benefits of our Brightlock technology is 4 fold, Brightlock technology is an on-chip Bragg grating which offers these 4 key benefits: 1) Locks the wavelength centroid +/-1nm over a 30 degree C ambient change 2) Has minimal impact to the overall E2O efficiency 3) Spectral width narrowing @ FWHM typically to < 0.5nm 4) The diode laser is highly insensitive to temperature changes, although as opposed to VBGs there is fine tuning capability. As you know a non-VBGed/conventional diode has a wavelength shift as a function of temperature of 0.3nm/C, a VBGed diode laser has no tuning capability while the Brightlock technology has a wavelength shift coefficient of 0.07nm/C.

Finally I've included a publication that will provide more details about our Brightlock technology and how it compares to VBG technology.

If you need more information or pricing about our modules or S-Ultra turnkey solution do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Merrill M.Apter | Laser Operations LLC - QPC Lasers | Vice President Business Development | Email: mapter@laseroperations.net<mailto:mapter@laseroperations.net> | Direct: +1 818-986-0000 | Cell: +1 650-224-1707

OptiGrate Tunable Spectrally Narrowed Laser

LS-795-70W: 35Wx2 output, 0.05nm width

http://www.optigrate.com This option has a line width up to 10 times narrower than the QPC Laser product. Turnkey system uses two diode bars @ 35W output each. Tunability range is about 0.1nm. Uses a water chiller in addition to TECs. The cost is about $55,000 for the 70W system.

Contact is Igor Ciapurin, e-mail: iciapurin@optigrate.com, phone: 407-381-4115 (ext. 223)

Raytum Corp 0.3nm width


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coherent laser status

for best absorption, at 30nA, coherent #3 16.5, #4 15.5, #5 18.0

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