Polhe3 meeting 20110629

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  • progress
    • transfer tube wall measurement
      • we measure the broken cell "Hamlet" for 1.627+-0.013mm
      • The transitivity cells "Astral,Maureen and Brady" are taken out of storage and put back in target lab.
    • new convection cell
      • order is placed. expected to have the first cell to UVa for filling in middle of July and arrive Jlab for test around July 20.
      • The height of the cell is 32cm which will still fit into the current setting. If we don't move the oven higher, the target center will shift from center of coil to about 15cm lower.
      • The pull off need to be about 1.5" long to be fitted within the old oven.
      • Mike gave the tolerance for transfer tube is 10mm in O.D and two tube center apart by 51+-1mm.
  • todo
    • oven bottom piece (Al and Zhiwen and jie)
      • do measurement on the old transitivity cells to get a better feeling how Mike controls the tolerance so that Al can start design right away.
      • Find a way characterize the future cells sufficiently and to have new cell measured at UVa before filling and at jlab after filling.
    • improve RTD reading accuracy (Zhiwen and Jie)
      • check 3 points readout for oven RTD and change it to 4 points.
    • pulse NMR (Zhiwen, Chunhua, Jie)
      • form a list of items to buy or make for pulse NMR measurement.
      • try to setup and test it on old cells.
    • convection flow study (Zhiwen, Chunhua, Jie)
      • make small heater to as the flower driver.
      • make zapper coil as polarization destroyer and connet it into trigger system.
      • setup flow speed measurement with multiple NMR at the target chamber.
    • temperature optimization test (Zhiwen, Chunhua, Jie)
      • complete the last data point at round on 230 degree.
      • do a water cell measurement
      • write a note
    • diffusion mode measurement (Zhiwen, Chunhua, Jie)
      • try to use a magnet to destroy polarization in target chamber and measurement both pumping and target chamber NMR at same time.
    • transfer tube wall measurement (Zhiwen, Chunhua, Jie)
      • we want to measure the TT wall thickness with ultrasonic gauge to solve the controversy as W&M suggested "Maureen" has about 2mm.
      • There may be this kind of gauge in Jlab, we have some leads, but not have it yet.
    • inventory check and order whatever needed (Zhiwen, Chunhua, Jie)
  • Calendar
Week Tasks To be done by
6/29-7/3 Complete temperature testing with RTD correction study Chunhua, Zhiwen, Jie for RTD
Tolerance measurement Jie, Zhiwen
ID supply list for pulsed NMR Zhiwen
7/7-7/13 Conduct diffusion test Chunhua, Zhiwen, (Jie)
general inventory check and ordering Chunhua, Zhiwen
7/14-7/20 (tentative) Expect to receive the new cell. Maybe oven fit check (but will not mount for testing), adjustment by Al G. if needed Chunhua, Zhiwen
Pulsed NMR prep Chunhua, Zhiwen
7/20-8/15 (tentative) Pulsed NMR setup on a traditional cell Chunhua, Jie