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  • Documentation for Reviewers
    • Final report from DOE Nov 2013 SBS review.
    • DOE Nov 2013 recommendations with responses.
      • DOE SBS Nov 2013 monthly report included the work flow for GEM module construction to include workforce (by type) required for each step.
        • Need Evaristo and Nilanga to update.
      • DOE SBS Nov 2013 monthly report develop a written Quality Assurance/test plan, including acceptance criteria for foils and assembled chambers that will be used for both UVa and INFN.
        • Need Evaristo and Nilanga to update.
      • Conduct a background assessment for each experimental program that includes background rejection and signal efficiency as a function of trigger cuts, and present at the next review.
        • Seamus is leading effort.
      • Develop a document describing the interface between the DAQ system and each of the 3 types of electronics (FADC, GEM, and FASTBUS) and present at the next review.
        • Alexandre is leading the effort.
      • Integration milestones for all equipment off-project, as well as key JLAB readiness and safety reviews, should be incorporated into the list of milestones. Provide updated list of milestones to DOE by January 1, 2014.
        • Need from each set of equipment
      • Develop a Technical Specifications Document for all experimental components in the SBS program and present it at the next annual review.
      • Develop an integration plan for all experimental components (on and off project) needed for the SBS program, which includes activities, schedules and goals.
      • Update the Research Management Plan to capture current plans for scientific effort needed to implement the project.
        • Research Management Plan. Updated and sent to DOE in Jan 2014 Monthly report.
        • Need one-page report from each group to be sent to Brian Quinn)
      • The Project Management Plan should be updated to reflect changes in scope to the WBS components and evolving list of off-project equipment.
        • Program Management Plan. Updated to include PMT based Coordinate Detector and list of off-project equipment dependencies and submitted to DOE in Jan 2014.
        • List of milestones for off-project equipment dependencies was sent to DOE in Nov 2013 monthly report.
    • DOE SBS Monthly reports
    • Technical Detector Reports