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Documentation for Reviewers

Response to DOE 2013 review report

  • Final report from DOE Nov 2013 SBS review.
  • DOE Nov 2013 recommendations with responses.
  1. Update the work flow for GEM module construction to include workforce (by type) required for each step.
    • DOE SBS Nov 2013 monthly report included the work flow for GEM module construction to include workforce (by type).
    • Sept 15th, Evaristo sent updated workflow and workforce plan
  2. Develop a written Quality Assurance/test plan, including acceptance criteria for foils and assembled chambers that will be used for both UVa and INFN.
    • Need Evaristo and Nilanga to create. Evaristo will send QA plan by Sept 30th
  3. Conduct a background assessment for each experimental program that includes background rejection and signal efficiency as a function of trigger cuts, and present at the next review.
    • Seamus is leading the effort.
  4. Develop a document describing the interface between the DAQ system and each of the 3 types of electronics (FADC, GEM, and FASTBUS) and present at the next review.
    • Alexandre is leading the effort.
  5. Integration milestones for all equipment off-project, as well as key JLAB readiness and safety reviews, should be incorporated into the list of milestones. Provide updated list of milestones to DOE by January 1, 2014.
    • List of milestones for off-project equipment dependencies was sent to DOE in Nov 2013 monthly report.
  6. Develop a Technical Specifications Document for all experimental components in the SBS program and present it at the next annual review.
    • Mark Jones will write and coordinate information. Will contact person in charge of each set of equipment to get a list of technical specs.
      • CDET Mahbub Khandaker.
      • GRINCH Tood Averett.
  7. Develop an integration plan for all experimental components (on and off project) needed for the SBS program, which includes activities, schedules and goals.
    • Mark Jones will write and coordinate information.
  8. Update the Research Management Plan to capture current plans for scientific effort needed to implement the project.
    • Research Management Plan. Updated and sent to DOE in Jan 2014 Monthly report.
    • Need one-page activity report from each group to be sent to Brian Quinn
  9. The Project Management Plan should be updated to reflect changes in scope to the WBS components and evolving list of off-project equipment.
    • Program Management Plan. Updated to include PMT based Coordinate Detector and list of off-project equipment dependencies and submitted to DOE in Jan 2014.

DOE SBS Monthly reports

Technical Detector Reports

Coordinate Detector

Front and Rear GEM trackers