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Response to DOE 2015 review report

  1. Cover letter for DOE Nov 2015 SBS review.
  2. Excerpts from DOE Nov 2015 SBS review.
  3. report from DOE Nov 2015 SBS review.
  4. DOE Nov 2015 recommendations with responses. Initial response to the recommendations and comments.

DOE 2016 review ( Nov 7 and 8th )

  • Charge letter for review.
  • Panel List for review.
  • Agenda.
  • Initial Drafts due by October 3rd for posting to wiki and overview by collaboration.
  • Dry run talks sometime between Oct 17-28th. Talk are due to Review committee by Nov 3rd.
  • Background Material (provide to Review committee by Oct 24th)
    • PMP
    • Monthly reports
    • Previous DOE Review Reports
    • Documents for DOE 2015 Review recommendations
    • Documents for DOE 2015 Review comments
      • Note on the beam optics by Jay Benesch.
      • Conceptual design report for the polarize 3He target
      • Link to agenda and talks for the ECT Trento workshop: "Probing transverse nucleon structure at high momentum transfer"