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DOE 2016 review ( Nov 7 and 8th )

  • Charge letter for review.
  • Panel List for review.
  • Draft Agenda.
  • Dry run on Oct 27th from 1-5 in L102/104. Talks are due to Review committee by Nov 3rd.
  • Background Material (provide to Review committee by Oct 24th)
    • PMP
    • Monthly reports
    • Previous DOE Review Reports
    • Documents for DOE 2015 Review recommendations
      • Recommendations tracker document
      • Report on the thermal annealing test of prototype calorimeter.
      • Report on that evaluates the ECal project including the technical feasibility of the annealing solution, and ECal project cost and schedule.
      • Report on the C200 studies.
      • A document detailing a design plan for scaling of the C200 to the final version of the calorimeter using thermal annealing.
      • A document outlining information on implementation of the inal version of the calorimeter using thermal annealing, including analysis of potential failure modes. A schedule will be provided which states the time for decision for continuing with the thermal annealing option or switching to the UV curing option with the impact on schedule and cost of the switch.
      • Report on trigger and DAQ. Need to send by Oct 3rd.
    • Documents for DOE 2015 Review comments
      • Note on the beam optics by Jay Benesch.
      • Conceptual design report for the polarize 3He target
      • Link to agenda and talks for the ECT Trento workshop: "Probing transverse nucleon structure at high momentum transfer" held April 2016.