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Reconstruction Program (Guido's program)

The latest (18/Nov/2008) RICH reconstruction program is in adaql#/adaqfs/home/adaq/e06010/cusanno/test_src where #=1...7.

The cluster reconstruction is disabled

The official copy should be in the CVS repository. To access it:

cvs -d co rich

Replay and analize the data

The latest (18/Nov/2008) macros, db and tools are in the directory adaql#/adaqfs/home/adaq/e06010/cusanno/onlana1

To replay the data:

1. enter analyzer

2. do: replay_det_L(#run, #event)

3. when done, exit analyzer

4. use on the available macros: the old evdisplay.C or ec_ana.C which is in progress

How to change the delay between trigger (T3) and T/H

Approximate instruction:

1. ssh atrig@adaql2

2. cd trigger

3. trig -e

4. Push Ldelay1

5. The last 3rd and 2nd register define the fine delay of the two signals (8 = -120 ns, 128 = + 120 ns)

Ask Alexandre for detailed information


See RICH pedestal run

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