RICH pedestal run

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How to take a RICH pedestal run, generate the pedestal files and make them visible to the DAQ.

Take the RICH pedestal run

a1. Ask MCC for beam OFF

a2. login as a-onl@adaql4 (l5, l6 or l7)

a3. go to the directory: /adaqfs/home/a-onl/rich/pedestal

a4. do the command: ./

a5. prescale all trigger except T3 and T5

a6. run a standard calibration run in TwoArmRICH (comment as RICH pedestal), deadtime should be araound 15% at 25 Hz

a7. take 2000 events at least, then stop the run

Geenerate the pedestal files

b1. login as adaq@adaql6 (or l7)

b2. go to the directory: /adaqfs/home/adaq/e06010/rich/leftreplay

b3. run analyzer

b4. within analyzer do: .L newdecodeRICH.C+ (note: to speed up the processing, do not forget the + at the end)

b5. then run: newdecodeRICH(####) where #### = number of the pedestal run

b7. check the message about pedestal and noise means at the end of the processing

b6. quit analyzer: .q

Make them visible to the DAQ

c1. go back to a-onl@adaql4 (or higher) in the directory /adaqfs/home/a-onl/rich/pedestal

c2. do the command: ./ (check the messages about file length)

c3. you can now start the production; do not forget to set the prescalers correctly

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