Run Meeting: Feb 25th, 2019

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Daily Run Meetings

3:30PM Run Meeting, Counting house meeting room (200C)

RC: Cameron Clarke


Control access to fix LHRS Dipole Quench

  • After recovering from a spontaneous (no clear cause) RQ2 quench, 2.5 hours later we got another spontaneous L Dipole quench
  • The hall will go into controlled access and Jack will diagnose the LHRS Dipole in the morning when he arrives
  • After recovering the LHRS Dipole we will return to 50uA running, depending on the status of PQB studies during Monday Day shift

Experiment Updates

Plan for Monday - Achieved

  • Attempt to bring the LHRS Dipole back online as fast as possible to take advantage of beautiful 50uA running
  • Continue production data on Tungsten 2.8% target at 50uA, and move higher if possible.
  • Possibly (though still under discussion) take data during Monday Beam Studies Day shift if it takes place. Parity Quality Beam studies would be performed during Day shift and should not affect heavily the quantity or quality of beam delivered to the tungsten foil target.
  • Investigate changes to the DAQ timing and T6 signal
    • Bob looked into it, found one questionable cable, and we added a new independent copy of T6 to a new scaler and to the 3rd channel of the digital oscilloscope

Plan for Monday - swing plan

  • Production data on Tungsten 2.8% foil target at 50 uA current
  • Investigate DAQ and data:
    • I think the issue with extra T6 triggers in the data may likely stem from a persistent FADC timing cut
    • Or of course this could be my fault in analysis and stem from inadequate understanding of the data analysis cuts used in the plots in question
    • These are both issues for qualified experts to investigate
  • Keep investigating the data and perform more robust analysis to make plots more useful and clear up concerns
  • Develop a set of contingencies and data collection plan for using high quality 50uA beam
    • We need to avoid doing anything non-trivial outside of regular business hours
    • We need to develop a very clear set of goals along with a contingency flow chart for the experiment data collection so that the RC and shift crew to know how to respond to non-ideal conditions in an efficient manner


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