Run Meeting: Feb 26th, 2019

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Daily Run Meetings

3:30PM Run Meeting, Counting house meeting room (200C)

RC: Cameron Clarke


Yesterday Day and Swing

Today Owl

Today Day

  • Radcon surveys the hall so that Bob and Alex can investigate RHRS T2 double pulsing question:
  • Plan to do 50 uA production after the North Linac RF work is completed

Hall Status

  • Taking to controlled access to take advantage of RF recovery from 8AM to noon in order to investigate double pulsing in RHRS T2 signal
  • Magnet coolant levels had some spikes around 5AM so investigations may need to be made during access
  • Otherwise perfectly capable of accepting beam and will continue production at 50uA the rest of the day and onwards


  • Look at the DAQ
  • Look at the Helium levels of magnets
  • Continue production data on Tungsten 2.8% target at 50uA, and move higher if possible
  • In the future we should avoid short notice activities in the hall outside of normal business hours, as short notice increases chances of inadequate preparation and likelihood of problems requiring hall access or calling in experts consequently increases, and the present high quality and high quantity 50 uA running is precious


  • In lieu of today's cancelled Hall A general meeting at 1:30, please see these plots that summarize running up until now (will be incorporated fully into Online Replay scripts before I leave RC duties tomorrow afternoon):

Cameron Clarke is the RC (email, RC phone: 7578761787) All shifts are on-call and should expect to receive full beam for production on tungsten foils, with occasional sci-fi runs pending.


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