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Run plan with CW beam

  • Both HRS at 15 degrees, central momentum P0 = 2.0 GeV/c
  • Establish beam on target using BeO target.
    • Move target to BeO
    • Raster off, 5uA current
    • Visual inspection on target camera for spot on BeO target
    • If beam spot not visible
      • Ask max current that can be delivered?
      • Move beam positions by +/-1 or 2 mm?
    • Halog BPMs information
  • Spot++ with carbon target
    • Move to carbon target
    • Raster 3x3 mm, 5uA
    • Take LHRS run with T8 trigger (its a 103.7kHz pulser, so prescale=100)
    • Do spot++ to look for raster size and beam spot
    • Halog plots of BPMs and raster size

Raster calibration

BCM calibration procedure

Moller commissioning

HRS checkout

Wire target runs

Target boiling studies