Running the Left-HRS DAQ

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Currently we can only run the DAQ in a standalone configuration. Eventually, we will connect it to the SBS DAQ.

update: June 7, 2021

Where to run:  <font color="red">adev account on adaq1</font>  

I. Is the L-HRS DAQ already running ?

   Find the rcgui and use the buttons at the top.  It's a standard CODA 3.10
   GUI.  If you let the mouse hover over the button for a moment, a little 
   text box pops up, telling you what the button means.  In smooth operation
   you are simply starting and stopping runs, so your favorite buttons would
   be Start (a triangle |> icon) and End (a box icon).

II. DAQ not running ?  How to bring the Left HRS DAQ up from scratch.

  If problems, see III and IV below.

  2. Type "setupxterms", this pops up 4 xterms where you login to the 4 crates.

    I usually to do this from adaq2 because kcoda kills xterms.
  3. In each xterm or window, login.  Note, we use the adev account !

     The old TS is not used in the DAQ; however, it does contain scalers
     which are read for xscaler and for event type 140 insertions.

     Available crates and how to login

       VXS crate with FADC .....  ssh -X halladaq8 -l adev
       lower fastbus crate .....  ssh -X lhrsfb1 -l adev
       middle fastbus crate ....  ssh -X src2 -l adev
       uppper fastbus crate ....  ssh -X lhrsfb2 -l adev

    If you don't know the password, text Bob

  4. Startcoda (on adaq1 as "adev") by typing "startcoda"

  5. In each window (step 3) type the appropriate "startrocN" command

	   ROC1-hallada8:  ./startroc1
           ROC2-lhrsfb1: ./startroc2
           ROC3-src2: ./startroc3
           ROC4-lhrsfb2 :  ./startroc4

     You should see the ROCs connect in the red gui (platform).

  6. Now in Run Control GUI (aka rcgui)
  Control(upper left)-> Connect -> click the tools thingy (Configure).

     Sometimes one component is disconnected or has a problem (red),
     like "configuring" instead of "configured".
     Often a reset ( <| in gui ) does the trick, and download again.
     Otherwise patiently start at 1.  It works eventually.

  Assuming you can see connected ROCs in the rcgui:  

     Next, Download, StartRun.  If you don't know what a button
     means, let the mouse hover over it for a few sec.

     Configs to use.  Note, the last correctly-running config is what
     gets loaded by default.  You have two configs to pick:

      LHRS -- all 4 crates

      LHRS_FADC -- just the FADC, good choice if Fastbus is down and
                   you don't need Fastbus


III. Trouble shooting

     Might need to power-cycle the crate if you things like this:

         ./startroc1: line 2: 31770 Segmentation fault 

   Old ROC processes can cause trouble.  Kill them or reboot.
ps awx | grep roc
21353 ?        Sl     0:00 coda_roc -type ROC -name ROC3s
21394 ?        Rl    44:36 coda_roc -type ROC -name ROC3
21477 pts/0    R+     0:00 grep roc
[root@src2 ~]# kill -9 21353 21394

     Some other component not working (e.g. PEB error).
     Be patient, go to I.1 above.  

IV.  Power cycling can be done remotely.

     ROC1 (formerly ROC31 during PREX) FADC crate
     go to   on firefox on a-onl@aonl1

     For the Fastbus, the hall A Tools screen and "Crate resets"
     used to work, but during the shutdown I have had trouble finding it.