SBS 2017 GMn Experimental Readiness Review Preparation

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Super Bigbite

Experimental Readiness Review 2017

Time and Location

  • Date: 15-16 June 2017 (Thursday/Friday)
  • Location: L102
  • ERR Committee Bernd Surrow (GEM), Alexander Somov (Trigger), Chris Cuevas (Electronics), Yves Roblin (Beam Operation)

Dave Gaskell (Beam line/Target) chair; Pavel Degtiarenko (Radiation), Bert Manzlak (EHS&Q), Stepan Stepanyan (Calorimeter), Javier Gomez (observer), Ed Folts (observer)

  • ERR Charge (pdf)

Draft Agenda

Thursday Morning
8:30 Closed Session , (30)
9:00 Remarks from Chair and Charge Chair (10)
9:10 Charge Item 5,5c: Overview, general requirements (pdf) Brian Quinn (15+10)
9:35 Charge Item 1,5: Apparatus ownership, maintenance and control;
Equipment to achieve the scientific goals; Safety Docs (pdf)
Mark Jones (20+20)
10:15 Break (15)
10:30 Charge Item 2,3: Beamline, supports,SBS and BigBite magnets, major engineering hardware Robin Wines (30+15)
11:15 Charge Item 2,3: HCal Gregg Franklin (15+5)
11:35 Charge Item 5c: HCal efficiency calibration (pdf) Brian Quinn (10+5)
11:50 Charge Item 2,3: Bigbite non-GEMs (pdf) Todd Averett (20+15)
12:25 Working Lunch
13:30 Charge Item 2,3: GEMs (pdf) Nilanga Liyanage (20+20)
14:10 Charge Item 2,3: CDet (pdf) Peter Monaghan (15+5)
14:30 Charge Item 2: Installation Jessie Butler (20+20)
15:10 Break (15)
15:25 Charge Item 3,5a: Software; GEM reconstruction efficiency at high rate (pdf) Seamus Riordan (30+20)
16:15 Charge Item 4: Target, scattering chamber, and radiator Keith or Meekins (15+5)
16:35 Charge Item 5b: High trigger rate capabilities. What are the expected accidentals? (pdf pptx) Alexandre Camsonne (15+15)
17:05 End
Friday Morning
9:00 Charge Item 6,7: fringe field effects; Beam commissioning / machine protection (pdf) Jay Benesch (15+15)
9:30 Charge Item 8: radiation levels, local shielding; RSAD (pdf) Andrew Puckett (20+20)
10:10 End
x:xx Closed Session
13:00 Close Out
Draft of COO (APEX's pdf)
Draft of ERG (APEX's pdf)
Draft of ESAD (APEX's pdf)
Input for RSAD from Radcon (radiation budget form) (APEX's pdf)