SBS 2017 GMn Experimental Readiness Review Preparation

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Super Bigbite

Experimental Readiness Review 2017

Time and Location

  • Date: 15-16 June 2017 (Thursday/Friday)
  • Location: L102
  • ERR Committee Bernd Surrow (GEM), Alexander Somov (Trigger), Chris Cuevas (Electronics), Yves Roblin (Beam Operation)

Dave Gaskell (Beam line/Target) chair; Pavel Degtiarenko (Radiation), Bert Manzlak (EHS&Q), Stepan Stepanyan (Calorimeter), Javier Gomez (observer), Ed Folts (observer)

  • ERR Charge (pdf)

Draft Agenda

Thursday Morning
8:30 Closed Session , (30)
9:00 Remarks from Chair and Charge Chair (10)
9:10 Charge Item 5: Overview, general requirements (pdf) Brian Quinn (15+10)
9:35 Charge Item 1,5: Apparatus ownership, maintenance and control;
Equipment to achieve the scientific goals; Safety Docs (pdf)
Mark Jones (20+20)
10:15 Break (15)
10:30 Charge Item 2,3: Beamline, supports,SBS and BigBite magnets, major engineering hardware (pdf) Robin Wines (30+15)
11:15 Charge Item 2,3: HCal (pdf) Gregg Franklin (15+5)
11:35 Charge Item 5c: HCal efficiency calibration (pdf) Brian Quinn (10+5)
11:50 Charge Item 2,3: Bigbite non-GEMs (pdf) Todd Averett (20+15)
12:25 Working Lunch
13:30 Charge Item 2,3: GEMs (pdf) Nilanga Liyanage (20+20)
14:10 Charge Item 2,3: CDet (pdf) Peter Monaghan (15+5)
14:30 Charge Item 2: Installation (pdf) Jessie Butler (20+20)
15:10 Break (15)
15:25 Charge Item 3,5a: Software; GEM reconstruction efficiency at high rate (pdf) Seamus Riordan (30+20)
16:15 Charge Item 4: Target, scattering chamber, and radiator (pdf) David Meekins (15+5)
16:35 Charge Item 5b: High trigger rate capabilities. What are the expected accidentals? (pdf pptx) Alexandre Camsonne (15+15)
17:05 End
Friday Morning
9:00 Charge Item 6,7: fringe field effects; Beam commissioning / machine protection (pdf) Jay Benesch (15+15)
9:30 Charge Item 8: radiation levels, local shielding; RSAD (pdf) Andrew Puckett (20+20)
10:10 End
x:xx Closed Session
13:00 Close Out
Draft of COO (pdf)
Draft of ERG (pdf) and Chart (pdf)
Draft of ESAD (pdf)
Input for RSAD from Radcon (radiation budget form) (APEX's pdf)
Draft OSP for Bigbite Hodo pdf
Draft OSP for CDet pdf
Draft OSP for GRINCH pdf
Draft OSP for HCAL pdf
Draft OSP for BigBite rotation pdf
Draft OSP for BigBite magnet pdf