SBS 2022 ALL Experimental Readiness Review

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Hall A E12-21-005 (Double Spin Asymmetry in Wide-Angle Charged Pion Photoproduction) Experiment Readiness Review

Experimental Readiness Review 2022

  • Date: 18 May, 2022 (Thursday)
  • Location: Remote
  • Meeting link:

  • ERR Committee (chair),
  • ERR Charge (pdf)
  • Proposal (pdf)



Thursday Morning
8:00 Closed Session (20)
8:20 Remarks from Chair and Charge (10)
8:30 Experiment Overview (pdf) Bogdan Wojtsekhowski (10+10)
8:45 Charge Item 1a & 1e: SBS beamline and radiator [ pdf]) Robin Wines (10+5)
9:00 Charge Item 1b: Installations and spectrometer rotations [ pdf]) Jessie Butler (10+5)
9:15 Charge Item 1c: GEMs installation [ pdf]) Holly Szumila-Vance (10+5)
9:30 Charge Item 1d: GEMs electronics [ pdf]) Alex Camsonne (10+5)
9:45 Charge Item 4: Data volume and computing resources [ pdf]) Ole Hansen (10+5)
10:00 Charge Items 1f & 2: 3He target status, Fringe fields, running configurations and polarization direction ([ pdf]) Gordon Cates (20+10)
10:30 Break (15)
10:45 Charge Items 3 & 7: Manpower, responsibilities and documentation ([ pdf]) Arun Tadepalli (5+5)
10:55 Charge Items 5: Simulations and data analysis preparedness ([ pdf]) Rachel Montgomery(15+10)
11:20 Charge Items 3 & 7: Radiation levels ([ pdf]) Eric Fuchey (10+5)
11:35 Closed session (45)
12:35 Closeout (45)
Afternoon Session
Draft of COO (pdf)
Draft of ERG (pdf) and chart (pdf)
Input for RSAD from Radcon (radiation budget form) (pdf)
Draft of LOSP for pol3He target (pdf)
Draft of OSP for pol3He target (pdf)
Draft of OSP for GEM detectors (pdf)
Draft of OSP for BigBite magnet (pdf)
Draft of OSP for BigBite rotation (pdf)
Draft of OSP GRINCH Cherenkov detector (pdf)
Draft of OSP for BigBite timing hodoscope (pdf)
Draft of OSP for Hadron Calorimeter, HCal-J (pdf)
Draft of OSP for Coordinate Detector, CDet (pdf)