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vnc desktop

- Hosted at eel124gemdaq:4
  • XFCE Panel Menu for CODA Interface

XFCE-panel CODA.png

- Start CODA - Start CODA RunControl GUI and xterms to CODA components
- Restart Stuff - Restart the component programs (xterms stay live)
- Kill Coda - kill all CODA components and RunControl GUI
- CODA Component Table - edit the table that maps the component names to their hostnames

Replay / Analyzer information

Please add links here.


- github page
- Scripts locations:
  • sbs-onl@sbsvtp2 (and all other ROCs)
- ~/coda_scripts/
  • sbs-onl@eel124gemdaq
- ~/SBS-GENRP/coda_scripts/
  • Note that these are soft-links to
- /adaqfs/home/sbs-onl/sbsgem/coda_scripts/

Frontend scripts to use on eel124gemdaq


  • executes each CODA component (platform, rcgui, PEB, ER, all ROCs) in a separate xterm


  • kills and restarts the PEB and ROCs. The xterms are not killed with this script.


  • kills all CODA components

Backend scripts, called by the frontend scripts


  • script that restarts an ssh connection if it is closed.

  • script that launches coda_emu_peb. restarts it when it is killed.

  • script that launches coda_emu_er. restarts it when it is killed.

  • script for sbsvme31, sbsvme24 that launches coda_roc with a ROC name determined from the coda_component_table.cfg

  • script on sbsvtp2, sbsvtp4 that launches coda_roc with a ROC name determined from the coda_component_table.cfg

  • kills off all start*.sh processes.

Useful stand-alone programs


log into any machine first with the sbs-onl (e.g.)

 ssh sbs-onl@eel124gemdaq
 remex <remexHost> <function call>
  • Execute a function call on the specified remote Host
- Run without arguments for usage

Usage for setting trigger source

Must be done after Download

 remex sbsvmeROC1 "rocSetTriggerSource(0)"
  • Random Pulser
 remex sbsvmeROC1 "rocSetTriggerSource(1)"
  • Fixed Pulser
 remex sbsvmeROC1 "rocSetTriggerSource(2)"

MPD programs

log into the VME Controller first with the sbs-onl (e.g.)

 ssh sbs-onl@sbsvme30
 cd ~/mpd-test/


 mpdStatus <mpd slot number>
  • Show the status of MPD at slot <mpd slot number>
- Run without <mpd slot number> to scan all slots.

mpdApvConfig (formerly i2c_test)

 mpdApvConfig <mpd slot number> <configfile>
  • Test the initialization and configuration of the APVs in the specified MPD.
- Does the same initialization that is done in mpd_list.c:rocDownload()
- Also attempts the readback of the APV registers with mpdApvStatus(0)


 mpdI2CScan <mpd slot number>
  • Scan i2c addresses for any APVs from MPD in specified slot number
- Configure those found APVs with some default register values
- Display the APV registers


 mpdFiberStatus <mpd slot number>
  • Display the status of the fiber transceiver


 $LINUXVME/mpd/libsrc/firmware/ProgramEpcs -s <mpd_vme_slot> -v <firmware .jic file>
  • Update MPD firmware at specified VME address.
- Described in


 $LINUXVME/mpd/libsrc/firmware/RunUserFpga -s <mpd_vme_slot> (-f)
  • Change between user and factory FPGA image.
- Described in

VTP programs

log into the VTP first with the sbs-onl.

 ssh sbs-onl@sbsvtp3
 cd ~/vtp-test/


  • Show the status the VTP as well as its connected MPDs (those found with channel up)


 vtpMpdInit  cfgFileName
  • Initialize VTP and their attached MPDs and APVs (those found with channel up)
  • If cfgFileName is provided, use it to define the MPD and APV to initialize


  • Show the status of all fiber channels on the VTP
- executes vtpMpdPrintStatus(0, 0)


  • Dump raw adcs samples to file.
  • work in progress...

other VME programs

log into the VME controller first with the sbs-onl

 ssh sbs-onl@sbsvme30


 $CODA_VME/ti/test/tiLibTest <TI slot number>
  • Test triggering capabilities of the local TI.
- Puts the local TI in master mode (with no slaves).
- Accepts triggers either from Front Panel TSinputs or Internal Random Pulser


 vme_display <VME Address> <read size in bytes>
  • Display the read value of specified size from the specified VME address.
- Run without arguments for usage


 vme_modmem <VME Address> <read/write size in bytes>
  • Modify the value of specified size of the specified VME address.
- Run without arguments for usage

Extra packages installed

Machines in use

Crate Reboot Information

These links are in the Firefox Bookmarks bar in the VNC session. They will only work from a machine within the Hall A VLAN group.

adaq1 + adaqfs

  • NFS server, tftp server for VME Controllers and VTP


  • DAQ Computer (RunControl, Event Building)
  • CODA Relevant Directories in /home/sbs-onl/SBS-GENRP
  • coda/ CODA (3.10_devel)
  • coda_scripts coda_scripts used by all DAQ machines.
  • coolDB COOL database
  • logentry_scripts Programs and scripts used to generate log entries.


  • VME Controller
  • sbsvmeROC1
  • 'sbs-onl' login
  • Slot 10: VTP (sbsvtp2)
  • Slot 11: SD
  • Slot 21: TI (Master Mode)


  • VTP
  • sbsvtpROC2
  • 'sbs-onl' login


  • VME Controller
  • sbsvmeROC3
  • 'sbs-onl' login
  • Slot 10: VTP (sbsvtp4)
  • Slot 11: SD
  • Slot 21: TI (Slave Mode)


  • VTP
  • sbsvtpROC4
  • 'sbs-onl' login

VXS crates IP Address IP Address

Stuff to finish